Reduce Inflammation? There’s A Latte For That!

Did you know that a Turmeric Latte is a really great way to reduce inflammation in the body and also can help with allergy attacks? Now I know what you’re thinking, Turmeric? Isn’t that a spice you use to cook with? and the answer is yes and also adding it to make a Turmeric Latte seems a bit extra but just trust me on this. About a year ago my mom started having problems with allergies to the point where she would miss work so she went on the hunt for a organic solution. Upon her research she found a amazing recipe for a Turmeric Latte.  I feel like we can only try so many over the counter crap before we get tired of it and it also has side effects that we just do not want to deal with. We have also incorporated a lot more water into our household and I have also done a blog post on some of my favorite ways to make drinking water more fun which you can check out here. Below is the recipe for the Turmeric Latte aka your answer to all your inflammation and allergy problems, you can thank me later.

what turmeric lattes are good for

turmeric latte recipe list


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