The Simple Guide To Your Skincare Routine

Throughout my blog I have talked about skincare numerous amount of times, which you can all check out under the skincare tag to learn more. But I do not think I have ever typed up a blog post on how and what you are supposed to use in order so here it is! Most of us skincare geeks know the usual routine but if you are new to skincare or just do not know where to start then this is the right post for you! Let me know in the comments below what you use and what you are going to start doing.

The secret to your best skin is in your skincare. Most people think that you need to spend a arm and a leg on it but that is not the case, your local drugstore can offer you products just as good. While I am a believer in investing in your skincare I will still try out some drugstore products, it is all about priority. What I suggest splurging on is a good cleanser and a really good moisturizer. I listed some of my favorites below.

I have a serious seven step skincare routine that I do every night, while that may seem a little crazy to someone who is just getting started trust me it really isn’t. You get used to it but the hardest part is sticking to it. Give it two or three weeks and you will be hooked on it and know what to do. I usually start getting ready for bed around 9:30 and I am in bed by 10:30, so a hour is really all you need.

Step 1:
CLEANSE! DOUBLE CLEANSE, I don’t care what you do but please cleanse your face before you hit your pillow. I also exfoliate once a week with the Exfolikate cleanser by Kate Sommerville.

Step 2:
Use a Toner, there are many toners out there for different skin related issues so find what kind you need according to your skin type and go from there. I like to use a round cotton pad and gently go in circles over my face.

Step 3:
Serums are next! Always start with the lightest thing in your skincare. Right now I am currently using a Vitamin C serum and then my Sunday Riley UFO Oil. If you are currently looking for a good serum for congested pores and problematic skin then use the UFO Oil it is a life changer. Vitamin C is also a really good serum for brightening your face and has anti-ageing properties in them. The Vitamin C serum from Ole Henriksen is really good too.

Step 4:
Eye Cream, This is a must for anybody! Guy or Girl you need to use a eye cream. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of on your face which means they tend to age faster than the rest of your face. Quick tip for beginners is to always use your ring finger to tap! not rub around your eyes. I like to tap underneath then go to the side of my temples and then the top of the eyelid and the browbone.

Step 5:
Now you can finally Moisturize! To lock everything in use your moisturizer and you are all set. I even take it a step further and put Aquaphor on my face and then wash it off in the morning. I wrote a blog post about that which you can read HERE!

And that is it, there is your easy, simple guide to learning how to perfect your skincare. Hope you all liked this post and found it helpful.