[Top- H&M, BeltUrban Outfitters, Boots- TOPMAN, Jacket- Forever21]

January is my favorite time of the year not only because it’s my birthday on the 12th but because we finally get real cold weather two or three times out of the week! The rest is usually just in the 70’s which is perfect. I partnered up with a good friend of mine, Alma, to take these pictures around town including my go-to outfit for many days. Simple skinny jeans, boots, a random t-shirt tucked in, and a belt that I have been slightly obsessed with.




quick life update, I have been currently planning on things for my blog and just life in general. think of it as re-branding myself and life in general, 2016 has been super crazy but also really fun and challenging towards life and getting to know me as a person on my own which is what i set out to do in 2016 and i am really happy and proud of myself. i know in life we are literally always learning but life literally becomes so much more fun when you just literally don’t give a shit about what people think and when you surround yourself with so much love and positive people.  i can’t wait to fully work on my blog doing what I always wanted to do from the start which is fashion, lifestyle tips, recipes, and of course what would through the moments be without some real deep meaningful posts! here’s to 2017, see you guys soon.


Can I just say how proud I am of myself lately for getting my shit together with my acne, I went from just washing my face to not using moisturizer or toner or even masks and to be honest I wish I would have started sooner. Trust me if you are skipping moisturizer because you think it will make you break out then you are wrong. There are amazing online resources to figure out what kind you need to be using, there are also a huge selection of acne moisturizers out there also.

So back to toning and why you should be doing it, now if you don’t know what a toner is it is basically removing all the impurities that remain on your face after cleansing and some even help exfoliate the dead skin which is really good if you have acne. Even though you wash your face you are still left with the stuff that is a little hard to get off. You can also try using a Clarisonic on its lowest setting into the mix which is what I have been doing since I stopped exfoliating with anything that has micro-beads in it.

Also always try to look at what kind of toner you are using or thinking of getting, do your research. Don’t always go with something that isn’t your skin type just cause it looks aesthetically pleasing to you. A lot of the times websites will tell you what type of skin type should use what. For me personally I use the Clean and Clear Acne toner with Salcylic Acid and I have seen a huge improvement on my face and even acne scars but that might not be for everyone. You can also try using a face mist throughout the day, I recommend something with Rosehip in it as it proven to help with redness. Check out some of my favorite toners and face mists below.

[Clean and Clear Toner/Herbivore Face Mist/Rosewater Mist] Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.43.37 PM