Bedtime is my favorite time, I just love sleep. I start to get ready for bed around nine, I shower then I go into my skin routine. Which a lot of you have already seen and read about so there’s no need to add those details. If you do want to see that post, then click here. After I am done with my skincare, I will boil a cup of tea. Lately I have been obsessed with a tea that I picked up from GNC called Aloha Sleep Tea. It helps promote healthy sleep and leaves you feeling very calm. View Post


Now that summer is sadly finally here its time to change up my skincare routine from the winter months. I make sure that I always change my moisturizer and add random things into the mix. The reason why I do this is because in the winter months your skin tends to dry out more than it usually does in the summer, so it is very important you switch things up once summer comes around. Check out my summer skincare routine and some of the things that I have been clinging to lately.

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