I know a lot of the stuff out on the market can sometimes be overpriced especially when it comes to acne products. I usually will try it out once and if I really like it I will make the repurchase. However, if I find something that I kind do like but not willing to spend the money on it again (because of the amount of product or it is a “want” rather than “need”) I usually will opt for other affordable options. So I have decided to compile a list of my favorite high end acne skincare products. Also, some acne skincare dupes that work just as well.

The products on the bottom work just the same and some even have the same texture. I know the Clinique serum is still up there in price but I have yet to find a good acne serum that works well. I would bite the bullet and just buy a really good serum. Plus, they last you a long time when using two to three drops and pat it over your face. The First Aid Beauty lipbalm is EPIC! However spending 20 dollars every time when I run out can be a bit much. It does last you a long time though which is great. Plus, the Jack Black lip balms last a little bit longer and comes in many different flavors. Let me know your favorite acne skincare dupes so I can check them out! Also, check out your local Ross and Marshall’s; They have great skincare items. You just have to look for it or be there at the right time.



Sometimes I throw together a outfit for Instagram, but won’t put the whole outfit on my blog. Simply because I just like the shirt or the accessory that I am showing on Instagram. I thought I’d start a blog series called #InstaShop where you can directly buy what I posted through my blog through the link below. Hope you all like it!


Asos really steps it up in terms of Viscose material shirts, I find them to be the most comfy. Cotton is uncomfortable for me especially in the summertime. So, after discovering viscose material I was hooked on trying to find as many as I could. The one in this post is my favorite that I have recently bought. The shirt has such a cool rockstar vibe to it with the stud accents.

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Traveling is something I wish I did more of and best believe I am working on that. Lately, I’m that friend that carries around a backpack with literally everything you need in it. Therefore, I thought I would put together a “what’s in my backpack” or just things that you should always have on hand! Let me know what your favorite essentials are in the comments below. View Post