Every month I like to compile a bunch of favorite songs into one playlist and possibly play it to the point that I am annoyed of the songs by the end of the month. But hey you either go all in or just don’t bother at all. So I decided I would share my favorite songs of June so far. I usually add more when I hear something new, But until then here is a hours worth of songs. Hope you like it as much as I do, comment below which songs you can’t get out of your head lately.



I woke up today in a not so great mood, think of one of those horrible days where you just feel sorry for yourself and think of everything that didn’t go right or isn’t going right at the moment. So naturally I had a long talk with my mom and told her about how I was feeling and my worries. I really do think sometimes we bottle up a lot of stuff inside until we just can’t take it anymore and have to let people know how we are feeling and whats bothering us. For me I go to my mom for the best advice always have since I can remember. But within our little talk she reminded me that everyone has fears and worries but they don’t let that stop them from achieving what they want to do. The only people we hurt is ourselves, everyone has their own battle going on that they have to fight, but we have two options we let it consume us or we fight it and go on with our life. We have so many things to be grateful for that other people don’t have and when you think you don’t have anything to be grateful for then you aren’t looking hard enough. We might categorize moments that weren’t good for us as “failures” I know I did. But something my mom said is that we should never see anything as a failure, but rather you tried your best and take a moment to look at the whole picture and find different ways of doing it. Everything is possible you just have to find different ways to do so. I’m so grateful for the moments my mom and I have shared together, she has been my rock through a lot of things. So I’ve decided to try more and know that even though things are scary we have to overcome that and do it anyways. Life is puzzling to say the least, but in the hardest moments we can either let it break us or let it make us into someone stronger.


anxietyblogFor as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with anxiety, Possibly from the start of third grade. I don’t recall where and what was the reason I just remember feeling like my body was shutting down on me and feeling like I was scared. I also was being bullied everyday so that really didn’t help either. It wasn’t until the 5th grade that we found out that it was anxiety. A lot of the times teachers and principles just thought I’d use it as a excuse for not wanting to be at school which made me very upset. How can someone judge someone without knowing the whole story? But at the end of the day sometimes people can’t understand something they have never really been through and that’s fine. I just wish people were more aware of mental illnesses and took them seriously. I think its because its not talked about as much as other things and it should be. Nobody should have to live in fear that they are going to be judged for having anxiety. A lot of people ask me what it feels like and the best way I can describe it is being somewhere where you can’t get out of. My hands get shaky and my knees feel weird and I feel like I cant breathe properly. Honestly, It has gotten a lot better and more manageable. I have gotten into the mindset that I’m gonna have good days and I’m also gonna have bad days and that’s okay. Its okay to sit in your room and feel sorry for yourself sometimes. Sometimes we need to have a moment but its also okay to go out and do things and not worry so much and if you have a anxiety attack that’s okay too. So enough rambling about me, Here are some tips for helping you through a anxiety attack which has definitely helped me! Hope you guys like them, If you have any tips comment below and let me know. View Post