2016resIs it me or am I the only one who finds it odd that we wait until the New Year to start fresh, in reality I guess we could start brand new at any moment. But last year didn’t seem that way for me, I thought it was always hard and everything I did wasn’t good enough and put too much pressure on myself and overthought every little move. I was just scared, scared of being judged for what I wanted to do even to the music I liked. Which in many ways brought up anxiety and a lot of it, I looked back on 2015 with not a lot of memories and not a thing I could say that I was truly proud of. So I woke up one day in August and told myself I needed to work on myself and learn. Learn what makes me truly happy, what I want in life, and to simply not care about what others think. I also learned that sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for what didn’t work out and not hold onto something that is hurting you. Its like unlearning years of things that people told you what you shouldn’t be or something you couldn’t do. Simply because people feel that you might do them and heaven forbid you have a different outlook on life than they do. Sometimes its best if people don’t know what your dreams and aspirations are but you, and that its simply better to just work in silence and do you. 2015 has been hard but I think what I’ve learned out of all of it is that in order to be truly happy and at peace with yourself you have to take the step. It’s not going to happen overnight things take time and not everyday is going to be a great day but that’s life. My resolution for 2016 is simply to live and do what makes me happy, to be more positive in what I do and say, and mainly to be proud of everything I do and work towards every dream I have whether something works out or not its at least worth a try. After all life is all about taking chances.

christmas2015 christmas20152Christmas this year was definitely different mainly because we are in 70 degree weather when it is supposed to be cold already, lowkey scared about global warming. Christmas now feels more happier and less stressful maybe because as you get older you realize gifts don’t mean the world and the people and family around you matter more. I am forever grateful for having supportive friends and family who show nothing but love and support in not only me but everyone they meet and surround themselves with. What more could you ask for? Hope you all had a great Christmas time! Now lets get on with 2016.

UPDATE- It snowed.

maine2maine1maine3As much as I am amazed by the scenery and excitement that I get when I get to to go visit my family in Maine this time was a little different. Last December my Grandma was put in a Veterans home due to getting Alzheimer’s, I remember going last year and seeing her in such a different state of mind than usual and it finally hit me how devastating and real this disease is. Listening to her not know who I or my Dad were was very hard and scary at the same time. I had decided that I needed to make peace while I was there and just know that if anything happened when we left I was at peace and knew she was in a better place. Sadly she didn’t last too long and passed away this year on National Alzheimer’s day. As sad as it was I am glad she is no longer in pain and in confusion of things around her, and that’s what helps not only me but the family too.


Body ShamingGone are the days where people were accepted for having different body types, It seems these days there’s something to live up to in the way that we look. Nowadays people seem to body shame everyone (I’m talking to you Nicole Arbour) who doesn’t quite look like whoever is on the runway, the stage, and magazines. To Cara Delevinge being told to lose weight because she looked like she was gaining weight, or to Rosie Huntington-Whitely who was told many times at castings she looked “Too Healthy” Or the latest, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini who was called a “bag of bones” after appearing at the new season of X-Factor. These women are beyond beautiful and look amazing. If that doesn’t make you concerned then I don’t know what to tell you. But where does it stop? and why do many people think they have the right to even comment on anyone’s appearance?

Ever since I was little I have always been skinny and have heard endless comments on my weight. To the “You look anorexic” or “Oh my god, do you even eat? you’re gonna fly away” or the always wonderful “You look like you need a sandwich” and even the touching of your arms cause you’re so skinny. I get it, but why does it bother anyone? Do we really live in a shallow 21st century where we feel that we can comment on something that someone can’t change in 2 seconds? The sad answer is yes. We’re told to get tough skin cause its the truth, sure it might be but there’s a way to express concern and not call someone out on it. I’m even sure that you’ve seen the viral video of YouTuber, Nicole Arbour fat shaming which sent the internet in a frenzy and I’m glad. Because people have to realize that it’s not something that anyone can change in just a quick time. Comments hurt and can cause anyone to be pressured or take drastic measures in their lives. I’ve had so many friends who do crash diets and starve because of comments or just simple making fun of, not just from friends but from parents. What does that tell you?

To tell you body shaming doesn’t exist in all forms would be a downright lie. To make a joke about someone having a eating disorder or their own appearance is unconventional. There’s no comparison to skinny shaming or fat shaming because at the end of the day you’re making comments on someones body and the way they look. In a perfect world, nobody would body shame and nobody would be told to get tough skin and accept what they’re being told. Although judging on how so many people are coming together to tweet positive messages and stand up to the bullying of magazines, and the media we might be getting somewhere. Also by no means do you ever have to listen to anyone’s low comment about what you look like.  We have to remember that we only have one life and we need to not focus on what the medias perception of how we should look. Always remember that beyond your words you don’t know why people look the way they look, there could be so many reasons and nobody has to tell you why they look the way they look and you don’t have the right to body shame anyone.

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Am I the only one who gets bored with just regular water? Don’t get me wrong I love a good cold water bottle. But it can get very monotonous. This year I made it a point to drink more water than sodas or sugary drinks. I started out with just normal water and hated it and it took me a good month to get used to drinking water. That’s how much it annoyed me. So with some googling and looking around on Pinterest I came across infused water recipes and my life has never been the same!


This is not only super easy to do but I usually like to do mine on Sunday evenings. I bought a Voss bottle for everyday of the week. I usually take a break on weekends from water and enjoy tea and a soda. Plus the Voss bottle is big enough to last all day, for me at least. So what I do is cut up a couple Strawberries, Pineapple pieces, and three or four stems of Mint. Then I add it to the bottle and fill that up with Alkaline Water and I let the bottles get cold overnight in the fridge and you’re good to go! Hope you liked this simple and easy way to enjoy you water. What are your favorite ways to make your water more enjoyable?