Why You Need To Be Drinking Kombucha

I have jumped on the Kombucha train and honestly have never looked back. Kombucha is such a healthy alternative if you love sodas and want to kick that habit. I would say that I have kicked sodas out of my diet around 95 percent and my body now feels the difference when I do drink a soda. I mainly drink water with cucumber and lemon, and a iced matcha green tea from Starbucks.

Gut health is just as important as skincare or taking your vitamins and that is exactly what Kombucha does. Kombucha contains fermented healthy probiotics which aid in gut health and digestion. I will say that the taste takes awhile to get used to, I would say it is almost a light vinegar taste. It just depends on which brand and flavor you get. Make sure to check the sugar on your Kombucha, always go with the ones that have less than 8 grams of sugar. Also be on the lookout for unpasteurized formulas as they tend to be healthier. Below are my favorite Kombucha flavors, let me know in the comments which ones you love!