Clinique Pickups

Skincare is my favorite topic, I am obsessed with new skincare products and like to try out new things all the time. So usually my skincare routine changes quite a lot but I will always stick to my Kiehl’s acne cleanser and Clarisonic, which is a must for me. My skin is combination but in the winter time gets very dry so when that time rolls around I switch up my moisturizer and use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

I also picked up the acne serum from the Acne Solutions line they have. It also is for any fine lines and wrinkles while combating breakouts and is oil free. I like to use the serum after toning my face and using a little more around the forehead area and wherever I have a pimple. I have noticed a big difference with the serum, especially on how quick it clears up a pimple and the redness also which is always great. All in all I am definitely going to be sticking with this mini routine until the cold months are over and probably go for a lighter moisturizer and continue using the serum. Let me know what kind of Clinique products you’ve tried and how they worked out for you in the comments below!