Selena MuseumI am sure if you have kept up with my social media or even this blog that I am a huge Selena fan ever since I was a child, I wrote a little piece for my blog that you can read [HERE] So when we finally got the chance to check out the Selena Museum I was really excited. It was what I was looking forward to on my whole trip, getting there and seeing everything in person that you have seen on a tv screen or in videos from youtube is so surreal and heartbreaking at the same time. It was like stepping into the past seeing everything of hers, My mom said after that she was sad the whole time because she was so young and had so much to look forward to. I think the same thing and I am sure we all do but I always say that she got to achieve success and love during her short time on earth. selenawhiteoutfit

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Rockport is definitely a summer staple for my family and I, We have been going there for about 6 years now. For us its a six hour drive which is extremely boring seeing as there is no nice scenery until you get close but being able to talk about literally anything with your family is fun. Its a nice place to get away from everything and clear your head seeing as there is literally no cellphone service where we stay which is also nice for a digital detox. I usually tend to worry a lot when I am still on vacation and this time i just turned the phone off and did what I wanted to do. This year was my favorite year my cousins and I went around and took pictures and my parents and I also went to Corpus to the Selena Museum (something I have always wanted to do ever since we started going) which I will do a separate post on that experience coming really soon. Sadly summer is almost over and school is going to start which I am never ready for! Also thanks to the people at Rockport Racquet & Yacht Club for always giving us great service. If you guys need a great place to stay this is definitely it. Though there isn’t much to do around the town we tend to stay by the pool or the pier and fish. Also Corpus Christi is 30 minutes away so even if you get extremely bored there is a lot to explore. What are some summer routines you or your loved ones do together? I’d really like to know some ideas seeing as we want to try something new for next year when we go on another family vacation! Also make sure to follow me on Instagram  where I will be posting more pics of my vacation.

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