Throughout my blog I have talked about skincare numerous amount of times, which you can all check out under the skincare tag to learn more. But I do not think I have ever typed up a blog post on how and what you are supposed to use in order so here it is! Most of us skincare geeks know the usual routine but if you are new to skincare or just do not know where to start then this is the right post for you! Let me know in the comments below what you use and what you are going to start doing. View Post

When I first found out what was in Beyoncé’s skincare night time routine I was a tad skeptical. I expected it to be some magical $500 dollar cremé that was out of reach and you could only buy from a magical unicorn. So when I found out the secret to her glow was Aquaphor I knew I had to try it out. YES! Aquaphor. I did a little research and found out people have been doing it for years. I am always game to try out a new skincare secret because who doesn’t want their face to look great all the time? View Post

I am sure you have seen the next product somewhere on your Instagram feed. It is the Milk Matcha toner, Milk specializes in makeup and skincare with minimalistic/Instagram worthy packaging. I also wrote a post on why toning is a important step in your skincare routine which you can check out here. When I first heard that they came out with a stick toner I knew I had to check it out, But the Matcha part is what sold me. The Milk Matcha toner is also infused with ingredients like Kombucha, Witch Hazel, and organic cactus elixir. Basically what Matcha does is detox and get rid of redness as it is packed with antioxidants, All while witch hazel and the cactus elixir help aid with puffiness and irritated skin.
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 loreal pure clay maskFollowing the latest trend of Instagram worthy sheet masks and face masks, L’oreal has come out with a range of three aesthetically pleasing clay masks made to detox, purify, and exfoliate your skin. I am not usually a fan of clay masks. For me sheet masks are the way to go especially if you are always in a rush. I tend to use the regular masks after my skincare routine at night. Like most of you I am always looking for new ways to detox my skin from blackheads and left over impurities so I decided to do a review on the Loreal Pure Clay Mask. The fact that these are reasonably priced and can be found at most drug stores is a plus! Check out my review to see my thoughts on the all new Loreal Pure Clay Mask.
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I know a lot of the stuff out on the market can sometimes be overpriced especially when it comes to acne products. I usually will try it out once and if I really like it I will make the repurchase. However, if I find something that I kind do like but not willing to spend the money on it again (because of the amount of product or it is a “want” rather than “need”) I usually will opt for other affordable options. So I have decided to compile a list of my favorite high end acne skincare products. Also, some acne skincare dupes that work just as well.

The products on the bottom work just the same and some even have the same texture. I know the Clinique serum is still up there in price but I have yet to find a good acne serum that works well. I would bite the bullet and just buy a really good serum. Plus, they last you a long time when using two to three drops and pat it over your face. The First Aid Beauty lipbalm is EPIC! However spending 20 dollars every time when I run out can be a bit much. It does last you a long time though which is great. Plus, the Jack Black lip balms last a little bit longer and comes in many different flavors. Let me know your favorite acne skincare dupes so I can check them out! Also, check out your local Ross and Marshall’s; They have great skincare items. You just have to look for it or be there at the right time.