Beyoncé’s Skincare Secret That Will Change Your Life

When I first found out what was in Beyoncé’s skincare night time routine I was a tad skeptical. I expected it to be some magical $500 dollar cremé that was out of reach and you could only buy from a magical unicorn. So when I found out the secret to her glow was Aquaphor I knew I had to try it out. YES! Aquaphor. I did a little research and found out people have been doing it for years. I am always game to try out a new skincare secret because who doesn’t want their face to look great all the time?

So here is the lowdown on my skin, it is combination and I suffer from minimal breakouts and scarring. I was terrified to put this goop on my face thinking that I was going to wake up covered in acne but that is not the case. The great thing about Aquaphor is that it is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores which in turn will not break you out.

Only do this little skincare secret at night only! You do not want to go out through the day with Aquaphor on your face looking like a oil slick. All you have to do is do your normal skincare routine. You can check out my latest skincare routine here. Cleanser, Serums, Eye cream, Moisturizer or whatever else you add and then add the Aquaphor all over your face to lock it all in. I like to use a facial mask brush to add it all over my face going in a upward motion.

SO DOES IT WORK?! Short answer, YES. Within the first two weeks I noticed the scarring on the right side of my face diminished a lot and my face was less oily in my T-Zone. My face looked more plump and brighter. I was very surprised with this and will continue to keep doing it and see what else it does to my skin. I think the reason my acne and scarring looked a lot better was because it locked all of the serums and toner in my skin and let it do its work instead of just drying on top of the skin. So all in all the next time we hear about Beyoncé’s skincare routine lets all just listen to what she is doing.

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  • I’ll have to try your skincare routine because it sounds like we have exactly the same skin type. Great post.

    Abigail Alice x

    • -ML

      Thank you! & yes, let me know how it works out for your skin. It has definitely turned my skin around 🙂 just checked out your blog and its great!