The Best From Kora Organics By Miranda Kerr

I first heard about Kora Organics when I got a sample of it and knew I had to check out the line. Kora Organics started by Miranda Kerr in 2006. Everything in the line is certified organic and all natural products, including Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Green Tea. All of which are said to have natural healing powers that have been around forever. Kora Organics launched in 2009 exclusively in Australia department stores and finally has made its way to Sephora in America just this year. Kora Organics says that they have created a skincare line to detoxify, nourish, and revitalize the skin.

Kora Organics has won many awards and I am totally surprised that it has taken this long to get picked up here in America. I have personally known of the healing benefits of Noni for quite sometime. My mother swears by it and is into the natural thing when it comes to foods, vitamins, and anything else she can incorporate it into. The line has a amazing range and would honestly suggest everything in it, but there are a couple stand out items that I think anyone should try! Check out the list below.

Noni Glow Face Oil: I 100 percent stand by this product. It gives you the best glow and moisturizes your face without making you look like a oil slick and has the best calming smell to it. If you are not into strong scents maybe mix this into your moisturizer and put it on all together. But it does have a strong scent to it, which fades away after awhile. I have also used this on my body after a shower and it was really good.

Noni Glow Body Oil: Just like the face oil this works amazing too. It hydrates the skin without giving you that weird sticky feeling that never goes away. It smells amazing to, obviously with anything organic you are going to have different smells that you are not accustomed to just because we are so used to having fake chemicals in things that can create smells we love which in return are really not good for our bodies. I like to use this after I shower all over my body and let it sit and then I will spray on my favorite cologne and I promise you that my cologne has doubled, suddenly everyone I know can smell it.

Noni Glow Face Balm: Now this one I have been using a lot lately now that winter has become full effect here in Texas. I apply this at night all over my face, lips, neck and go to sleep with it on. I also will use it during the day too if I feel that my face is getting dry and itchy and from the cold and I have also seen a huge improvement in the redness of some of the acne scarring.

Purifying Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin: This has been amazing, it is the perfect blend for sensitive skin. It is not too thick but you can build it to your liking. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way.

Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil: This one I have yet to try but have read so many amazing reviews on it. I am a huge roller ball fan when it comes to natural oils. I 100 percent agree that they can change your mood and help you with different problems, So I am hoping to try this out soon.

Final Thoughts:
All in all I would definitely go with Kora Organics, especially if you are wanting to try out something new and a healthier alternative for your skincare. The price points are reasonably priced for being a natural skincare line and of course anything all natural is going to be priced higher than your normal skincare. Let me know what you have tried from Kora Organics or if you are planning on trying anything from the line!

  • Melanie

    I love Kora Organics it has truly changed my face since I made the switch to organic everything. Loved the blog post!!

    Melanie, xx

    • -ML

      Hi, Melanie! Thanks for the love on the post and yes! I am hoping to try more of their products once I finish what I have 🙂