Bedtime Routine


Bedtime is my favorite time, I just love sleep. I start to get ready for bed around nine, I shower then I go into my skin routine. Which a lot of you have already seen and read about so there’s no need to add those details. If you do want to see that post, then click here. After I am done with my skincare, I will boil a cup of tea. Lately I have been obsessed with a tea that I picked up from GNC called Aloha Sleep Tea. It helps promote healthy sleep and leaves you feeling very calm.

I always make sure to plug in my phone across the room and Do Not Disturb kicks in right at 11 PM. I make sure that my alarms are all set for the next day. Then take one last scroll through my Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr feed before I put my phone down. I like sticking to a schedule. Also no T.V. during this time as T.V. and cellphones are a distraction and disrupt sleep.

I like to use essential oils before bed to help me sleep, usually lavender does the trick. The one in the post above I got off of Amazon. You can check out your local Ross or Marshall’s and they usually have a ton of essential oils cheaper than what is on Amazon.

My iHome speaker is something that I will add to my bedtime routine if I can’t sleep. I will pair it with Bluetooth and use the Relaxing Melodies App and play it through the iHome. Best thing ever. Also, I can’t sleep without an eye mask. Ever since buying one my sleeping pattern has improved.

And that is my bedtime routine. Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite things to do before bed are. Until next time!