The Best Ways To Crush Your Instagram Story Game

Ever since I have been using the hashtag option in my stories a lot of people have been messaging me on what apps I use to make my Instagram stories less boring. Lately Instagram has been a mess and I am not sure why but we are all trying to find out new ways to keep afloat on Instagram’s platform. Stories are becoming more fun for me also, mainly because I like to design things and doodle. So I compiled a little list on all the ins and outs of my Instagram stories and how you can start getting your stories to be a bit more fun. Also be sure to follow me over on Instagram at Matthew_LeBroke.

list of instagram apps





This one is the main app I go through to get my stories to have layers. It is basically a mini iMovie app for your phone. It does take a little while to get used to but just play around with it and you will be fine. I then export it to my phone and go into Instagram and upload it to my stories. I like to leave a little bit of space around to write things with my stylus.












This App is the one I use when I don’t want to add all those layers and just want to do something a little more simple. This one you can just put a border around your photo or a video, It even has a section where you can pick different sizes for different social media platforms. It is very user friendly and recommend using this app if you are not too familiar with a iMovie platform.












Video Crop: You know when you screen record something from twitter or your phone and want to upload the videos without that annoying background and just the video well this app is the one for you. I use this to crop my videos and then take it into cute cut pro or inshot. This app is also really user friendly too which is also good.






Now to get all the different effects I usually record the video in VHS Cam or KiraKira and upload it to one of the main apps featured above. Basically it is all your preference on what you like. Another thing that I like to keep on me at all times in my backpack is a stylus. You honestly do not need a fancy one you can buy one at the Dollar Tree and its a pen also. That’s about it for my little Instastory secrets, Let me know what you guys think and what apps you like to use! Also make sure to follow me and come say hi over on Instagram at @Matthew_Lebroke