The Harry Styles Tour, Austin, TX. Moody Theater. October 11, 2017.
Remember in my last blog post how I started doing things alone? Well I went to a concert alone and had the best time. I danced all night with two complete strangers and lost my voice. As someone who deals with anxiety it was a big step for me and I knew I just had to do it.
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Possibly one of my favorite shirts from Asos. You all know I love the material Viscose because it is so comfortable and lightweight. Especially on hot summer days. I paired it with some black skinny’s and this really cool harness belt from Forever 21 and added my harness boots also.

Throughout my blog I have talked about skincare numerous amount of times, which you can all check out under the skincare tag to learn more. But I do not think I have ever typed up a blog post on how and what you are supposed to use in order so here it is! Most of us skincare geeks know the usual routine but if you are new to skincare or just do not know where to start then this is the right post for you! Let me know in the comments below what you use and what you are going to start doing. View Post

Usually coming up with a casual look is pretty easy for me, I just add a pair of black skinny jeans and throw on a graphic tee. I got this really cool Elvis tee at Marshall’s for four dollars, a steal. I paired it with my favorite belt from Urban Outfitters because I can’t afford that damn Gucci belt that everyone else is wearing at the moment. The boots are from Asos and have a really cool harness on the side of them. Let me know what you think.
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